Every 3 months SHANGHAI LIBRARY hosts (since 1990) a series of lectures on different cultural topics.
With international and national lecturers, spectators are free to interact with the speaker via Q&A sessions. All the lectures are video recorded and placed into consultable archives. 
In order to create the symbol to represent it, I focused on 3 elements:
- the quote / literature,
- the concept of vision / reading / watching
- and the concept of exchange (of culture) / interaction. 
Visual identity
Website design
Poster design
As part of the VI, there was a request for a VIP gift.
I did a DVD collection containing lectures from the archives and divided into 6 different topics.
On the front of the box I explored the metaphor of the metro map: like stations are connected to eachother, also cultural topics are; and it all starts at SH LECTURES.