During the last two decades I’ve been helping brands around the world to deliver impactful visual communication experiences, channeling teams of designers, researchers, writers, into a consistent and distinctive voice.

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“I worked with Mirko at REDdot when the company was just starting to build a name as a creative studio. Mirko, with his passion for ideas and his battle against banality matched perfectly with the REDdot ethos and inspired the team to some fantastic work. As a result REDdot was known as a creative hotshop by the time of its sale in 2006.
An artist, a musician, an engineer and a designer, Mirko has an eye for cutting edge, out of the box creatives; and I hope that somewhere around the globe I can work with him again.” 

- Frank Tzimas, co-founder & former Creative Director at REDdot / Profero

“Mirko was my company's Creative Director for several years. Our agency's creative level had been improved significantly during his tenure. He is a very experienced and talented creative person and always comes up amazing concepts.
He also is a very good inspirer, which benefits the other team members. ” 

- Colin Phua, Founder & CEO at Ortus Group  

“Mirko is conceptually creative and strategically-minded: a storyteller, who has the skills and experience to embrace a concept and execute it with a great sense of design and style.
I will definitely hire Mirko again. ” 

- Dawn Shen, Vice President, Global Marketing at HTC

2016 - Present / Freelance - London (UK)
I work as freelance consultant in different fields of design, branding and marketing for local startups & international clients as well as branding & communication agencies in Europe and Asia.
At the same time, I'm developing my personal projects in the areas of visual arts and cinematic music.
Some of the latest works include:
HTC VIVE (worldwide) Key Visuals Concept Design / RoseOnly (China) luxe retail chain in Beijing (WIP) Logotype, Visual Identity, Packaging Design, Interior Design in collaboration with 3Gatti Studio in Rome. / The Reframers (UK) -in progress-Visual Identity, Creative Direction and Marketing Positioning / Synaesthetic Productions (UK-Europe-China) Visual Identity, Visual Arts, Creative & Artistic Direction, Marketing Positioning / D'CORE (China) Brand & Visual Identity, Logotype, Packaging, Brochures, Show-windows / Dr.Tours (UK) -in progress- Branding & Visual Identity, Logotype, Marketing Positioning, Interactive Web Design, Animations / The Gusti Bus (UK-Italy) -in progress- Branding & Visual Identity, Logotype, Marketing & Product Positioning, Marketing Strategy / Top of the Paws (UK) -in progress- Branding & Visual Identity, Logotype, Marketing Positioning, Marketing & Creative Strategy, Creative Business Consulting.

2015 – 2016 / HTC Global HQ - Taipei (Taiwan)
CREATIVE DIRECTOR (Global Marketing)
After joining HTC as Creative Director, it was immediately clear to me that the brand and the different products' families needed a fresh and a distinct repositioning, together with a more coherent marketing strategy, for their worldwide market.
In charge of a in-house team of designers, I worked on a variety of projects in different fields of design and marketing, including advertising, branding, packaging, products’ positioning.
Brand Gallery Design Concepts / Website Redesign / WW Advertising / Packaging / TVC Concepts / Show window Concepts / Indoor Promotional Material / Brand Redesign Concepts / Products’ Families’ Positioning

2015 / Freelance + Teacher at Shanghai International Studies University (SHISU) - Shanghai & Hong Kong (PRC) CREATIVE DIRECTOR / ART DIRECTOR / TEACHER
During my time in SHISU I was granted complete freedom on what teaching approach to take and how to design the course (Colour Design and Creative Expression). I confronted the challenge by presenting to my students a selection of famous works in different fields of arts, fashion, interior and design. I then began to decode the underlying structures, conceptual approaches and design principles. To stimulate their experience and promote learning, I established workshops where students were free to explore synaesthetic and design principles through their own design. Through a series of unannounced, informal tests I checked the progress of the students and reinforced their understanding where appropriate. Despite the testing, I received wonderful feedback from my students. I continued working as creative consultant for arts and cultural sectors, with clients such as Shanghai Library, SH Lectures and Le Maschere (the official Italian theatre company in China).
HKL Group Brands Logos, Visual Identities, Websites, Collaterals Redesign Consultancy / Parkson Shopping Malls Advertising Concepts / Shanghai Lectures Logo, Visual Identity, Posters, Packaging / Lecturer of Colour Design and Creative Expression at Shanghai International Studies University

2008 – 2014 / Ortus Group Eight - Shanghai (PRC)
With offices in Singapore, Beijing, Hong Kong and Shanghai, Ortus Group's work in various fields of design: interior, graphic, product, events, packaging, 3D animations, advertising and branding for hi-end / luxury properties in Asia.
As Group Creative Director I was in charge of all the aspects of managing the creative department of the agency. I redefined the guidelines, the working and design philosophies. I restructured the two design teams by carefully inserting fresh talent and established professionals thereby reinforcing the multidisciplinary, integrated approach of the agency. These decision elevated the quality of the visual communication products to a much higher standard.
Beyond inspiring and ensuring the quality of the teams' works, I was the intermediary between the creative department, the marketing department and our clients. By doing so we developed a more fluid process and coherent outputs. This lead to the acquisition of new international clients in fields others than luxury properties, such as Starbucks, Coca-Cola, Audemars Piguet.
Logos & Visual Identities / Packaging / Mobile Brand Galleries / Brochures / National and International Advertising Campaigns / Cups Design / Naming / Websites / Marketing Strategies / Events Design / Trophies And Invitations Design / Exhibitions Design / Chinese Advertising Adaptations / Communication Strategies / Presentations Design / 2D & 3D Animations / Speech and Theatrical Scripts / Scenography / Fashion Design / Websites / APP design / UX and UI
The Cove Luxury Resort / Hill Crest Villas / Hines Park Avenue Luxury Property / Mountain Retreat / Bayan Tree Residences / The Seasons Residences / Pivot Luxury Property / StarRiver Luxury Property /Peninsula Hotels And Residences / MODENA Hotels / Connoisseur / MANPO Luxury Offices / Lumi Beauty Products / Keppel Land Real Estate Division / Glorious Luxury Properties / King&Queen Luxury Property / Bund Development / ASOBIO Fashion Brand / Waterfront Residences / Luxury Property RockBund By Rockefeller Group / GuocoLand Group / Audemars Piguet / IFC Mall / Starbucks / Coca-Cola / General Motors / Sony / Bayer / Lumi Beauty Products / SSTEC Eco-City / InFocus / TrinaSolar / Bread Talk / Covanta / K11

2007 -2008 / Identica, Interbrand - Shanghai (PRC)
I left REDdot soon after it was sold and began to work as a freelance Art Director. Along with working with such agencies as Interbrand, I was involved in the environmental graphics for the Siemens museum in Shanghai. I also collaborated with Francesco Gatti at his interdisciplinary studio 3GATTI on a number of projects, one of which was the Zebar space which recently featured in the 2014 film "Her"
Corporate & Visual Identities / Label Design / National Advertising Campaigns / Moodboards and Brochures Design / Signages & Hoarding System / Menus Design / Interior Design / Websites / Interactive Installations UX and UI Design / Environmental & Infographics
DE>EN,IT Translation Services / Studio Legale Zagni Law Firm / Citic Plaza / MOSAIQ Liquor / Fissler / TuttoEspresso / GreenArmy / KIC / HaveLock Restaurant / JimDandy / ZEBAR / THE CUT / TUUN / Siemens / Tsindao Beer / Vanke

2004-2006 / REDdot, Profero - Shanghai (PRC)
I joined REDdot (an Australian boutique agency based in Shanghai and Melbourne) when the company was just starting to build a name as a creative studio. REDdot ethos matched perfectly with my passion for ideas and my battle against banality. As Design Director, I was in charge of a team of 12 designers and all the design aspects of the studio's output, for clients such as: Le Royal Meridien, BMW, Clubmed, WWF, Bacardi , Sony, Quiksilver, American Chamber Of Commerce, Nippon.
In less than 2 years REDdot won international awards and became known as a creative hot- shop, before it being acquired
by Profero Group.
Strategic Advertising Campaigns / Websites Design / Packaging / Logos & Visual Identities / Menus Design / Environmental Graphics & Signages / Events And Invitations Design / Magazines Design / Books Design / Postcard Design / Trend Researches / Interactive Advertising Concepts / Art Installations Concepts / Indoor & Outdoor Branding
Crowne Plaza Hotels / Sheraton Hotels / Solid Vodka / Le Royal Meridien / Hennessy Cognac / Hilton Hotels / Raffles City / American Chamber Of Commerce / Nanli Boutique Hotel / Renaissance Café/ Clubmed / Bacardi / Sony / WWF/ Pepsi Cola / Quiksilver / Roxy / Oneinabillion Art Gallery / Nippon China/ Villa D'ambre/ Trinity Village / Apple / Electronic Arts / Mercilon / Nortel / BMW

2003-2004 / Business Communication + Nmb - Brescia / Milan (Italy)
I was hired as a Senior Art Director at Business Comm., whilst also being asked to act as Multimedia Designer at NMB, the digital arm of the agency, where I had the opportunity to work with such names as San Pellegrino, Feletti and Domino.
National Advertising Campaigns / Display Stands & Environmental Graphic / Visual Design & Magazine Layout / Catalogues / Brochures / Logos and Corporate Identities / Packaging & Promotional Limited edition Materials / Promotional Gadgets & Texture Design / TVC concepts / Websites & Portals / UI & UX design
Rose&Tulipani & Domino (Unitable Group) / Claraperclara / Saniplast Bathroom Accessories / Hausbrandt Café / San Pellegrino Aranciata / Lora Recoaro / Gilera / Inlingua /Savil Taps And Fittings /Rossignol Skies / Feletti (Cedrinca Group) Chocolates&Candies / J.O. Nickerson / Stratego / MilleMiglia

1998-2002 / Studio Rodighiero Associati - Milan (Italy)
I was fortunate enough to start a graphic design department at sRa Multidisciplinary Studio, under the guidance of an international art director: Renzo Castiglioni. Having worked with Armani in New York in the '70's and '80's, as well as Amica, Centocose and Casa Vogue in Milan, he became both a mentor and an inspiration.
The department expanded and began creating multimedia CDs, architectures presentations, show windows, logos, corporate and visual identities, catalogues, websites, for a variety of brands including Trussardi and Swarovski.
Through this I was able to expand my understanding of the basic skills of design and the realities of industry
Logos & Corporate Identities / Interior Design & Graphic Layouts / Websites Design / Advertising / Catalogues Brochures / Assembly Instructions / Price Lists / Interactive CD-ROMs / Environmental Graphics / UX & UI / Booth Design
Swarovski / The Lion's Club (Italy) / MosaicoScienze / The Villamoda Center (Kuwait) / Auchan Malls / Stratos Pub / CEBO (Sport Shoes) / Turistic Association Of The Morainic Hills / Accademia Musica Del 21Esimo Secolo / Goman / Supermedia / Trussardi