A brand experience centre for Audemars Piguet aimed to promote the brand essence, values, heritage as well as its full range of luxury watches. The project has been designed with mobility in mind: it can be disassembled and reassembled, in order to tour through the most exclusive locations in the major Chinese cities.
• (brand tagline) To break the rules, you must first master them
• Origin in le Brassus valley
• Endless dedication to create high performance
• Timeless value - 
Time / Space
• Breaking the earth - Strata representing time 
• Peak - Mountain
Design paths:
The 4 mountains of AUDEMARS PIGUET: heritage (history), technology, craftsmanship (process,attitude), materials.
It’s a journey to reach the valley: which is both products and location. 
The exploration through heritage, materials, process, technology, to finally reach the valley (actual collection / VIP room).... 
...from rough materials.... to refined materials.... to the valley.
Interior design
Exterior design